Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Entry # 4

What aspects of the history of the Holocaust did you find most similar to your own experiences? Do you think that people today can learn something from this history? Could a government such as the one Hitler created ever take shape in the United States?

I don't have any experiences similar as Holocaust, any aspects in my life that describe what happened in that Holocaust.
Yes i think so, they can learn that if you want something you have to go for it.
i learned that when you lost something you will see how important, i think that Holocaust was really tragedic history, because today in israel or in United States don't exist those camps today.
that was a history that you learned a lot. You saw how people suffer.
I don't think so. because Hitler it Won't be a good government,for United States.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entry # 3 Night

None of us can be sure how we would react to an extreme situation, until we are actually in it. But try to imagine what kind of a person you would become if you were in a concentration camp like the one described in Night. How would you react to the situations in the story (and other stories) that we’ve read?

If I was in a concentration camp, i would be a agent that work for that principal of that camp, because if was a soldier that have be kill people, or hit people, i would be good on that because i don't like that way they trick people on this book. Is actually weird, I would be someone that don't kill people and don't have to hit or do anything with those people that is suffering over there. i would like to be that general from that army,that just tell people and soldiers what to do. i think that's what i would be, because i don't think is fair to be killing those honest people that just want to live and work in their lifes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Entry #2 Night..

Your family has just told you that all of you are going into hiding within the hour. Nobody knows for sure how long it may be. You just know that it’s a place of safety away from brutal concentration camps.You can take one small backpack with you holding no more than 5 items. Remember you cannot bring food with you as this was prohibited by the Germans. Think carefully and describe the 5 items you would bring with you and why. Chooses wisely – your decision can change your life.

I think that First thing i should take with me to this concentration campus, is my phone.
i will get in that internet check out my orkut talk with my friends,know more about that news from what's going on that World,because i problably be there without nothing and neither a newspaper to know what is going on.
second,i will take with me a small case in my backpack that i will put a gun if those Germans attack me or start to fight over i will have a protection to use.
Third, i will take my bible so when i'm Not doing nothing i will read and pray for God take me more fast out from there.i will feed my self with that Word that Jesus left for us. in that bible says that who is thirsty or hungry should come to him that he will feed yourself. :)
Fourth, i will take a book from Tommy Tenney he is a pastor he is american,his Books is awesome and i will love to read about what he wrote in his book. one book that he wrote is THE ROAD HOME Is About esther that lady from that bible that just did a huge history that tommy did a lot books and movie about her. that's another thing i will take with me.
Last one i will take my camera to take pictures over there, and make those people that is sad to look Happy taking pictures, i will be teaching then how to take pictures if they don't know. :)
yeah,i think is all this stuff i will take with me to the camp, if i go.